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A Little Thing Called Nesting...

>> Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So, here I am: last two months of pregnancy and the nesting instinct is in full swing! It's overwhelming and I can hardly sit still. I look around and see various things that need rearranging and reorganizing, the nursery is hardly close to being finished, there's still many things to purchase, and I am supposed to be taking it easy and resting. HA! Can't do it. The overwhelming mentality that if I don't do it myself, it won't get done has overtaken my brain.
The nesting instinct that many pregnant women go through near the end of pregnancy is a primal instinct. Females everywhere in the animal kingdom undergo the same nesting instinct. It is defined as an uncontrollable urge to prepare your nest for the new baby, tidy up and finish projects. For some, it can also be a sign that labor is near, especially as they approach the 40 week mark.
Nesting can lead to some somewhat strange behavior to the viewer: cleaning cupboards in the middle of the night, scrubbing things with a toothbrush, disinfecting everything in sight...and those not in sight, folding and refolding baby clothes, packing and then repacking the hospital bag and/or baby's bag, tossing out perfectly usable stuff in order to purchase new for the "nest". It can go on and on!
There are some precautions to take though, such as with painting the nursery. This is one I am having trouble restraining myself from doing and have to busy myself with other activities to distract. There are paints that are Eco-based/no VOC that are supposed to be safer. We are using Valspar and it has all it's chemicals intact so the hubby and friends are doing the painting. Make sure the room is well ventilated and that you don't eat or drink in the room while it's being painted.
Other precautions: wear gloves while cleaning, try to steer from strong aromas like ammonia and bleach and don't change cat litter. The ammonia/bleach aren't good for you to breath in. The cat feces can carry a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a blood infection that can cause birth defects, blindness, deafness and other issues.
All precautions taken, nesting can be fun, humorous and greatly satisfying. This week is the week all my nursery furniture, bedding and room accessories are coming in...if I can get hubby to finish painting the nursery tonight I can get stuff moving in!
Then I could get back to reorganizing the kitchen cabinets and re-alphabetizing the spice rack...

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