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Choosing a Nursing Pillow

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

For those of you who are going to be nursing, you are probably looking for a nursing pillow. Comfort is key when it comes to successful breast feeding. A comfortable and relaxed mom leads to an adequate milk supply [aka: let down]. There are actually many options beyond the Boppy! The Boppy is awesome, but it doesn't work for everyone [didn't work for me]. I would recommend trying them at the store [like Babies R Us if you have one or other baby boutique] before purchasing. When trying them out, find a comfortable sitting position also. This will help you gauge what will honestly work more for you and baby [or babies!]

Since I already mentioned it, I will start with the Boppy. It can be used for breast feeding, tummy time for baby, lounging for baby and helping baby sit upright. It comes in many cover prints and colors that can be removed for easy cleaning!

Next up is My Brest Friend. This is by far my favorite breast feeding pillow on the market! It's also the most widely recommended by lactation consultants. It's especially great for back support and those that have had cesarean sections, as it wraps around your entire torso providing ultimate support and comfort. The strap also helps to keep the pillow in place. This pillow also comes in a "twins plus" version for nursing twins [or more in rotation!] There is also an inflatable travel version that works well for everyday and tossing in a diaper bag. Just like the Boppy, it comes in many cover choices that are removable and washable.

While there are many more breast feeding pillows on the market, the last type of pillow I'm going to show you is the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow. This one can be used during pregnancy as a comfort pillow, as we all know getting comfy enough to sleep can be a struggle. It can be used for baby's tummy time afterwards, much like the boppy. And then of course the main use: breast feeding. This breast feeding pillow comes in several prints as well and even more choices in slip covers. 

Whatever you choose, do what feels right for you and your baby. Breastfeeding should not feel uncomfortable or painful. Try talking to a lactation consultant if breastfeeding is what you choose to do. They can offer support, tips and supplies!


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{Stretch Marks... Preventable?}

>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take a moment to think about this: your uterus has now stretched to such unholy proportions that it extends beyond your navel! The not-so-exciting part of this remarkable fact is that growth like this tends to leave stretch marks and can itch like nobody’s business. If it makes you feel any better, Don’t get suckered into buying really expensive creams that supposedly make stretch marks ‘magically disappear.'Stretch marks are scars on your skin and won’t disappear with a topical cream stretch marks on the belly are extremely common.  But feel free to apply all the aloe-vera (and other anti-itch lotions) to alleviate the itching. In terms of preventing their appearance, cocoa butter-based creams and creams full of Vitamin E have a reputation for helping-- but there's still no guarantee that those pesky stretch marks won't show up despite your best creaming-up efforts.

(More Info HERE)


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Teething Bling Giveaway- Smart Jewelry For Little Mouths

>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So I'd pretty much accepted that I had to stop wearing jewelry. My baby has broken one of my necklaces trying to tear it off me, broken my watch when he threw it across the floor, and just about succeeded ripping out my hoop earrings. Not only did my jewelry get destroyed, but now that my son is teething, he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. My jewelry definitely isn't something that should be there. It has sharp edges, small pieces, and is made out of materials that should absolutely not go in babies' mouths.

I was so happy to recently come across Smart Mom Jewelry! They are the creaters of Teething Bling, fashionable jewelry for moms, that is also safe and functional for baby. Made out of the same material as most teething toys, their pendants and bangles are also non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free. The donut shaped pendants also come with a breakaway clasp, for added safety.

Since my son is right in the middle of cutting four teeth, I was SO EXCITED to be given the opportunity to review the Bronze Teething Bling Pendant. When I got it out of the package and put it on, my little buddy seemed to know that it was just for him; he immediately grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth. He loves this more than all of his other teething toys, and it's been so great to keep him entertained at restaurants, at church, and at business meetings. Finally, jewelry that is fashionable for mom and safe and functional for baby!

Smart Mom Jewelry is giving away a Bronze Gift Set that includes both a pendant and bangle to one of our readers!

Here's how to enter: (Leave a comment with your e-mail address for each entry)

  1. Visit Smart Mom Jewelry's pendent selection and tell us which one is your favorite
  2. Follow this blog
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Giveaway open until Monday, November 8, 11:59pm PST to US residents only. Winner will be chosen by random.org.

*Disclosure Policy-I was provided the featured item(s) at no cost by the manufacturer to review and share my opinions. My opinions were not influenced in any way by monetary means.


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The Little Posh Bebe Giveaway WINNER:

>> Friday, October 22, 2010

....is, as, chosen by random.org:


CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome prize!!!
You have until Monday, October 25 11:59pm to claim your prize by e-mailing service@milanmaternity.com, or another winner will be chosen.


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Preggie Pops Review & Giveaway

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am well aware, now, that I lucked out with my first two pregnancies and experienced mild to nil "morning sickness" with either. "Morning Sickness" is that horrible phase that for some strikes at any time of day and can last longer than just the first trimester. I sure am getting my fair share now. I have tried nearly everything to no avail. Crackers, fizzy soda, Doctor prescribed medications...the usual stuff that worked for my mild nausea in previous pregnancies. I resigned myself to having to just push through it and wait it out; hoping that, as my doctor promised, my second trimester would bring relief. Well, here I am in my second trimester and IT'S STILL HERE.

So you can imagine my excitement to try out the raved about Preggie Pops. I tried in two forms: the drops [they look like cough drops] and the lollipops [and had to convince my kids it was medicine...not candy...so they wouldn't touch it.] First off, they are YUMMY! and Second, they WORK! I have been using them for a little over two weeks and they are my new best friends! My favorite flavors are the sour raspberry & sour tangerine. Preggie Pops are all natural & drug free [which is why they are better for you than a prescription or regular hard candy]. The combination of brown rice syrup and citric acid along with herbs like ginger, peppermint, and lavender really calm the overpowering nausea feeling. Preggie Pops are definitely a pregnancy staple!

Preggie Pops is giving THREE Milan Maternity blog readers their very own sample pack of Preggie Pops!

HERE IS HOW TO ENTER (leave a comment with your e-mail address for each entry):

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Giveaway open until Sunday, October 31 11:59pm PST to US residents only. Winners will be chosen by Random.org.

*Disclosure Policy-I was provided with the featured item(s) at no cost by the manufacturer to review and share my opinions. My opinions were not influenced in any way by monetary means.


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You Can Do It!!

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ever Feel Like This?

Well, I sure do! Finding a balance between being a mom, taking care of everything, and having a career is hard. But just because something is HARD never seemed to stop you before... right?!
We Can Do Hard Things.
We are Women.
We are Moms.
We are Amazing.

(Don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise!!)


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>> Friday, October 15, 2010


As chosen at random by www.random.org, The winner is:


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{Good Nights Sleep}

>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Sleep Guide

By the editors of Parenting magazine, Parenting.com
Ask a mom of a newborn about her child's sleep and she'll likely look at you through bleary eyes and mutter, "What sleep?" The fact is, it's perfectly normal for babies to have erratic sleep patterns -- some rest for little more than an hour at a time! But all of them need as much sleep as they can get in order to develop properly. Read on to learn about sleep training, avoiding a "flat head," whether you should co-sleep, how to protect your child against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and more -- so your baby (and you) can get more zzz's.
Setting a sleep schedule, especially once your child is at least 6 months old, is a good way to make sure she's getting enough rest. Make nap times and bedtimes as consistent as possible, and build in a cushion of time beforehand to help her unwind -- show her a book, rock her, or give her a warm bath before bed.

How much sleep do babies need?

The number of hours of rest a baby needs varies with age. Here's what doctors recommend:

Age: 1 week
Day Sleep: 8 hours
Night Sleep: 8 1/2 hours
Total: 16 1/2 hours

Age: 1 month
Day Sleep: 7 hours
Night Sleep: 8 1/2 hours
Total: 15 1/2 hours

Age: 3 months Day Sleep: 5 hours
Night Sleep: 10 hours
Total: 15 hours

Age: 6 months
Day Sleep: 3 1/4 hours
Night Sleep: 11 hours
Total: 14 1/4 hours

Age: 9 months
Day Sleep: 3 hours
Night Sleep: 11 hours
Total: 14 hours

Age: 12 months Day Sleep: 2 1/4 hours
Night Sleep: 11 1/2 hours
Total: 13 3/4 hours

Sleeping through the Night

Here's how to get your newborn sleeping for longer periods of time. By Sheryl Berk, Parenting

Most parents assume that "sleeping through" means their baby will snooze past dawn. But at this stage, a solid five hours is all you should expect. It's usually not until the 6-month mark that a baby can sleep for a longer stretch, says Sue Zafarlotfi, Ph.D., clinical director of the Institute for Sleep-Wake Disorders at Hackensack University. If you're frustrated by your night owl (or early bird), try taking a few steps to improve his snoozing habits.

First, keep him active when he's awake, then follow a consistent sleep schedule so he'll learn when to wind down. Finally, put your baby down in the crib when he's drowsy and let him drift off on his own. (We know -- it doesn't always work!) If he wakes, give him a few minutes to settle back down. When you do have to intervene, keep the lights low and your voice soft. Eventually a new day will dawn -- and you'll realize you both slept through the night that came before it.


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Add a Touch of Whimsy to the Nursery

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorating the nursery can be one of the most exciting hobbies during pregnancy! Sometimes you're not sure where to start or how to make it truly unique. A fun way to create a unique, whimsical and playful space for your little one [or ones] to grow is to look at some vintage or handmade items. Some you can get from family members, your own attic, yard sales or even make yourself! If you're like me and lack the seamstress gift, purchasing handmade is always a good, affordable option. One thing to keep in mind is that not everything has to match. The mixture of textures and color are very welcoming to a baby, so think "outside the box."

Here are some finds that I fell in love with while looking for by new little one's nursery:

Here are some custom mix and match crib bedding from an Etsy.com shop called: Rooster Legs. There she has many fabric choices to mix and match any decor theme and budget! Yes, that's custom crib bedding at a don't-break-the-bank cost.
Custom Bedding From: Rooster Legs

Wall Decor from a cute site, Jillybean.com, can quickly and simply dress up a wall. Use twine and clothes pins or clips to keep the cards up.
Wall Cards from Jillybean.com

Storytime is a wonderful way to bond with your children. I like to scavenge ebay for vintage children's books. Here are a couple of different ways to store the storybooks:
Bird & Nest Bookends from: pillowhappy.

Available in several color combinations is the New Arrivals Bookholder:

Found on Amazon.com. [Click to view all color combos.]
A fun alternative to a crib bumper is crib fringe! This is from the brand Babylicious, but you can find similar banners on etsy.com or if you're able: sew one!

I am adoring these plushies made by sleepyking on etsy:

A baby mobile I'm loving is the one created by Weegallery.com. The black and white contrast is visually stimulating to babies...plus the little creatures are just adorable to look at. All you do is hang them from one of the two mobiles they have [approx. $12] and then add any of the nine art cards. They are different themed and are also under $13 a pack! That's a great priced mobile your baby will love!

Don't forget that if you're able to paint your walls: DO IT! Another option to painting is hanging some drapery or printed fabric on the wall to dress it up. Share some of your fun nursery finds below!


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Little Posh Bebe Giveaway- Adorable Shoes for Precious Feet

>> Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm obsessed with baby socks and shoes. I love shopping for them. I recently found the CUTEST etsy shop for baby shoes. EVER.

Little Posh Bebe shoes has some of the most adorable and unique designs you will find; available in sizes from 0-18 months for both boys and girls. They are handmade, and lined with eco-friendly felt or organic cotton. Erika, the designer at Little Posh Bebe, tries to make every shoe as eco-friendly and organic as possible for your little ones' feet.

I also love that all items from Little Posh Bebe boutique come gift packaged in a kraft gift box made from 100% recycled fibers, and accented with raffia ribbon. These are the perfect "ready to go" gift for those baby showers!

I am {IN LOVE} with so many of their styles; I could just buy up everything in their shop and line up every pair and look at them all day! Here's a few of my favorites:

"Belle" Brown and Blue beauty

"Jack" Suade Loafer for your little man

"Princess" Lace Mary Janes-perfect for those special occasions

Aren't they just to die for? So not only does Little Posh Bebe have some great shoes, but they also have some darling clothes and accessories to match.

When I first visited LPB, the Brandon set caught my eye. I loved the plaid! This set was actually recently featured in the October 2010 Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.
I have a handsome little 9 month old and I thought that him wearing this little onesie with matching shoes would knock everyone's socks off. So, so cute! And...I was right. Let's just say that Baby E got lots of comments and attention from the ladies. I loved this set! It was not only adorable, but the quality and detaling was amazing.

Little Posh Bebe is giving away a pair of shoes of your choice!
Here's how to enter (leave a comment with your e-mail address for each entry):

Mandatory Entry

Visit Little Posh Bebe and tell us which style you love

Extra Entries

  1. Follow this blog
  2. Follow Milan Maternity on Twitter and tweet this giveaway. Copy and paste "Little Posh Bebe-Adorable Shoes for Precious Feet. Visit http://bit.ly/bL0NUc for a chance to win a pair of cute shoes for your little one."

Giveaway open until Wednesday, October 20 11:59pm PST to US residents only. Winner will be chosen by Random.org.

*Disclosure Policy-I was provided with the featured item(s) at no cost by the manufacturer to review and share my opinions. My opinions were not influenced in any way by monetary means.


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Zulily Deals

>> Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I first heard of Zulily through the blogging community and it has REALLY come in handy! The daily deals on this site are, simply put, incredible. The inventory changes often, and with the state of the economy, we could all use some good deals! Here is just a glimpse of what is on sale today!

One of my favorite places to pick up some good deals...and I know I'll be able to find just the PERFECT coming home outfit [once we know what we're having of course] on Zulily


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{Baby Names 101}

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's In a Name?

Well, if you ask me. A lot.
I think it is very important to think about your name, what it means to you, where it came from, and how will this child feel about their name in 5, 10, 50 years from now.
It amazes me how some people think that their little sweet boy will be OK with the name "Tico" in 20 years. Really people?! It might be cute now, but come on!
(Yes, that name made the Parenting.com top 50 names list!) No kidding.

If your like me then you find naming a child very difficult. It took me until the 8th month of my pregnancy to determine my little girls name, and even then my husband was the one that made the final decision!
It's hard!
So I have searched online and found the most popular names of this year and there were a few that surprised me, so without further ado...here we go....

Top 20 Girl Names of 2010

  1. Ella
  2. Ava
  3. Grace
  4. Lolita
  5. Emma
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Genevieve
  8. Aurora
  9. Isabella
  10. Bella
  11. Charlotte
  12. Lily
  13. Saria
  14. Sookie..... for real?
  15. Leighton
  16. Sasha
  17. Olivia
  18. Chloe
  19. Sophia
  20. Amelia
Top 20 Boy Names of 2010
  1. Aiden
  2. Jayden
  3. Max
  4. Riley
  5. Liam
  6. Ethan
  7. Jack
  8. Avery
  9. Dyllan
  10. Caleb
  11. Addison
  12. James
  13. Ryan
  14. Andrew
  15. Navajo
  16. Oliver
  17. Michael
  18. Benjamin
  19. Lucas
  20. Logan
Most of these names I wasn't to surprised, but there were a few...
Like on the girls list not only was #14 Sookie, but #22 is Sook.... come on!! That is not a name. Apparently its a popular name in the "True Blood" series... who knew?
And the boys list did not disappoint either with # 37 being Barack... would you really do that to your baby?

OK, hopefully I did not offend! So, give us your scoop... What's Your Favorite Baby Name?


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Feliciana Faux Wrap Ruffle Dress WINNER CHOSEN!

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010


As chosen by Random.org:

So the Winning Comment Is:

CONGRATULATIONS on your AWESOME prize! You have until Thursday at 11:59pm PST to e-mail service@milanmaternity to claim your prize or another winner will be chosen. 


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