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Are you seriously asking me that?

>> Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm sure all of you are familiar with Pinterest now. My sister has a board just for me, and several of the things she has pinned for me has to do with motherhood. When I saw this one that she pinned for me, my first thought was "That is my life."

Click to enlarge.
(From nickmom)


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What I Wish I Had Known #7

>> Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now that spring is here and summer is soon to follow, traveling is in the future for a lot of us. Namely, flying.

I remember the first time we flew with a baby. Our son was barely over 2 months old, and I was SO nervous to be flying with a baby. I worried about everything. Would he be ok? Would he scream his head off the whole time? Would everyone hate us because we had a screaming baby? What about his ears during take off and landing? Etc, etc, etc.

I wish I had known that flying with a newborn baby was just about the easiest thing in the world! Turns out the loudness of the flight lulls babies right to sleep. I assume it sounds a lot like the womb did. He slept like a champ basically the whole flight and it was the easiest thing in the world. And for the ears, he either slept through that part, or was completely fine as long as he was drinking something so he kept swallowing.

So if you are flying with a newborn here soon, don't worry about it at all!

It's waay, way easier than flying with a toddler! Now there's something to be concerned about...


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Lillybit Uptown Diaper Clutch Giveaway Winner

>> Monday, March 26, 2012

The winner of the Lillybit Uptown Diaper Clutch giveaway is:

With the coordinating comment:

Congratulations! Please e-mail
service@milanmaternity.com by March 28th, 11:59pm PST to claim your prize, or
another winner will be chosen.


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It's sandal time!

>> Friday, March 23, 2012

Today is the last day to enter the Lillybit Uptown Diaper clutch giveaway HERE! Don't forget to enter before tonight at 11:59 PST!!

Spring is officially here! I love spring. And I love that it really does feel like spring (at least where I am). And I love that spring means sandals!! My toes love the fresh air just as much as my face does!

When it comes to sandals and pregnancy/constantly carrying around a little one, comfort and support are key. Usually when I think of "comfortable and supportive sandals" I think of something a grandma would wear. But there are lots of great non-granny ones, too!

The first two comfortable/supportive brands I thought of were Aerosoles and Crocs. Now...Crocs are something I have never owned. I just never could jump on that bandwagon. But for the sake of you guys, I looked up what they had, and I have to say these two caught my eye.

The first pair I noticed were the "sexi sandal" (their name, not mine!). And they come in different colors. Black, oyster, espresso, nautical navy, and scarlet (pictured).

The "Adrina Strappy sandal" comes in aqua/celery (pictured), black, espresso/bronze, ultraviolet/berry, and scarlet/oyster color combinations.
I have to say, even though I have had a Croc aversion for years, I'd love both of these...in all colors.

I also found a couple of pairs of Aerosoles. I actually own these "Plush Around" sandals. And I love them! They come in black, brown (pictured), beige , natural, demin, gold metallic, leopard, and silver metallic. Truly, You can't go wrong with these!

And these "At First Plush" are super cute. They come in bone (pictured), black, and red.
And there's tons of other comfortable/supportive sandal options out there. (But I have 2 kids and not enough time in the day, so I can't find them all for you.) The point is, there are options! And it is sandal season, so for Pete sake, get yourself some cute (comfortable) sandals!


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>> Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't forget to enter the Lillybit Uptown Diaper clutch giveaway HERE! Giveaway open until Friday, March 23rd, 11:59pm PST

I ask myself on a daily basis "How come no one told me how hard motherhood would be?" Every.day.

What question(s) do you ask yourself daily?


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What I Wish I Had Known #6

>> Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't forget to enter the Lillybit Uptown Diaper clutch giveaway HERE!

After my son was born, the pediatrician came to the hospital to do a check-up on him. After he was done, he came into the hospital room to let us know that everything looked good and that we needed to go ahead and call the pediatricians office to schedule his first appointment there. He looked at my husband and said "You're wife's memory is shot. You're going to have to remember to do this and remember when and what time it is." I remember feeling quite offended. How dare this doctor say that anything would be wrong with my memory. Clearly he didn't know me, and didn't know I have the most amazing memory ever! And I swear he talked about how bad it was going to be now that I had a baby for at least 5 minutes. Rude!

Ummm...yeah. He wasn't lying. Having a baby completely robbed me of all memory cells my brain contained.

Before having a baby, if I went into a room to get something, I just went and got it. Now I go into a room to get something, and stand there for 5 minutes trying to remember what it was I was going to get.

Before having a baby, I could remember all upcoming appointments without having to keep track of them on a calendar. Now I have to write them down on a calendar and sometimes I still forget.

Before having a baby, I always remembered family and friends birthdays. Now I have a hard time remembering my own children's birthdays when I call to schedule their doctors appointments.

Before having a baby, I could remember exact details from weeks and months past. Now I have a hard time remember details from the previous day.

Before having a baby, I could go to the grocery store without a list and get everything I need. Now I have a hard time just remembering everything I need to write on the list, and with a list, still don't get everything I need.

It's safe to say that I now understand what people meant when they referred to "mommy brain". And it's safe to say that I no longer hold a grudge against that doctor who was all but warning me that my memory was no more.

I wish I'd known having a baby would mean memory loss! (Although, I now completely understand my mom's horrible memory after all the children she birthed :)


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Don't ask!

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't forget to enter the Lillybit Uptown Diaper clutch giveaway HERE!

I was pregnant for the first time at this time 4 years ago. The crazy comments and questions started right away before I was even pregnant! You know...I got married so people automatically started asking when we were going to have kids. Then, believe it or not, when I went to the drugstore in my hometown in South Carolina to buy a pregnancy test, I placed the pregnancy test on the counter and the woman working asked "Ohhhh, what are you hoping it will say?" Ummm....wow.

Since those first experiences, I have had a plethora of questions and comments that have made me think "Ummm...wow." Or often times "Ummm...awkward." or "Ummm...really!?" But to be truthful, I am sometimes guilty of asking some of those questions or making some of those comments myself.

If you aren't sure what questions and comments I might be speaking of, I've taken it upon myself to make a list for you. You might find these useful for yourself, or, perhaps you can think of a person or two to send this list to.

Of course, the first...When are you going to have a baby? I always wanted to respond to this question with "None of your business." but as a rule, I try to stay classy. But seriously, it is no one else's business, unless of course you choose to make it their business. I think everyone should make it a rule to avoid this question.

The first is followed closely by Are you pregnant? I am guilty of asking this question once. I felt so bad afterwords for asking that I vowed to never ask again. Not because it was one of those awkward I asked but the person wasn't actually pregnant situations. But because she was pregnant, and I realized that pregnant women tell people they are pregnant when they want to tell people they are pregnant.

Was it on purpose or a surprise? This question also invokes the desire in me to say "None of your business", but again, I resist. I admit, there have been many times I have wanted to ask someone this question myself, but I think the more appropriate route to go is just pay attention and see if I can figure it out yourself.

Wow, you're only 6 months? It looks like that baby is coming any day now. I feel like I shouldn't have to explain myself on this one. If you ever feel the desire to say this, I have one piece of advice for you: Keep your mouth shut. Or perhaps you like the wrath of a pregnant woman?

Awww...Poor thing. You look miserable. Really? Because, personally, the 50 extra pounds, swollen feet, and need to go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes makes me feel like a million bucks. Seriously though. If I look miserable, I don't need anyone telling me so.

I love the obvious You haven't had that baby yet? Actually, I did. But I love being pregnant so much, I had them put it back in so I could carry it around for a few more months. This really has to be at the top of my list of "questions" that I despise the most.

Then it happens. Your joyous little bundle has arrived and all of a sudden you hear someone say So when are you going to have another one? I kid you not, when I had my first, one of the prenatal nurses at the hospital asked me how long I thought it would be before I had another. And, I kid you not, I wanted to claw her eyes out. This question is just wrong. Wrong, I tell you!

That's not how you do it. I have to say, that as a new mother, that is probably the worst thing you can hear. Everyone wants to give advice, and let's admit it, sometimes we need it. But no new mother wants to hear that she's doing something wrong.

Don't you love having a newborn and not getting a whole lot of sleep? And don't you love when people ask Are you getting any sleep? If you ever have the desire to ask, switch things up and instead ask "Can I watch the baby for a couple hours while you take a nap?"

I'm certain there are ones I'm forgetting. Feel free to add to the list. I think everyone should be educated on this topic!


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Lillybit Uptown Diaper Clutch Review & Giveaway

>> Monday, March 12, 2012

Heading out to the gym, to church, or to the grocery store with two kids is already a hassle- who wants to pack around a huge bulky diaper bag? Now that my baby is older, and I don't feel like I HAVE to pack the house just to leave the house, I wanted something that would carry just the basics. The Lillybit Uptown Diaper Clutch is just that- a stylish alternative to a bulky diaper bag with a tri-fold design with areas for wipes, diaper cream or a rolled up changing mat, a onesie, and a few diapers. It also has an outside pocket and zippered area for mom to keep lip gloss, cell phone, and wallet.
One of my favorite features of the Uptown Diaper Clutch is the convertable strap. You can adjust it to wear over-the-shoulder, as a handbag, wristlet or clutch. And when worn over the shoulder, you don't have to set the bag down on dirty floors while changing baby. The bag simply unfolds and everything stays in place. Even once we're through with diapers, the Lillybit Uptown Clutch will be perfect for carrying snack packs, juice boxes, band-aids, sunscreen, or whatever else the little ones might need. Even if you're not quite ready to give up the big ol' diaper bag, keeping the diaper clutch inside your diaper bag makes finding everthing easier, instead of having to go endlessly rooting through it to find a diaper and wipes.
The Uptown Diaper clutch is available in Black, Gray Damask, and some other super cute prints. You can purchase the Uptown Diaper Clutch on the Lillybit website, as well as some major online stores like Walmart and Babies 'R' Us. Also, if you're doing the "Gifts to Grow" program through Pampers, I belieive the Uptown Diaper Clutch is available as one of the rewards!
The ladies at Lillybit are generously giving away a Gray Damask Diaper Clutch to one lucky reader!

Here's how to enter: (leave a comment for each entry completed)

1. Visit Lillybit and comment on what Diaper Clutch print is your favorite, or what your favorite feature is.

Extra Entries:

2. Multiple Entries-Share this giveaway with one of the "share buttons" at the bottom of this post. It's super easy to share to Facebook, twitter, your blog, or e-mail! (Two entries for each way shared, and for each day shared)

3. "Like" Lillybit on Facebook

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5. "Like" Milan Maternity on Facebook

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7. Follow Lillybit or Milan Maternity on twitter (one entry for each)

Giveaway open until Friday, March 23rd, 11:59pm PST. Winner will be chosen by random.org. Good luck!


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Spring is almost here!

>> Thursday, March 8, 2012

I don't know if it snuck up on you like it did me, but spring is practically here. Which means it's time to get some cute maternity clothes in some pretty spring colors. And lucky for you, Milan Maternity's got you covered!

Here are some of my favorite spring color tops from Milan Maternity.

One of my favorite tops is the Gisella. It comes in both coral and emerald. Both perfect for spring! And not only is it a great top for pregnancy, but it's also great for after, too.

The Aubriella in French Lilac is the perfect shade for spring. And it's another top that isn't just for pregnancy, but also has a half-wrap top with openings on each side of the inner tank for easy and discreet nursing access while maintaining full coverage in front and back.

My favorite color is yellow, which is great, because in my opinion nothing says spring like the color yellow. So the Lucia in bright lemon is another perfect top for spring! It's also another perfect nursing top.

I love the style of the Carissa, and in honeysuckle pink, it's another great color option for spring. As with the previous two, it makes a perfect nursing top.

And last but not least is the Gabriella in royal fuschia. It's so pretty and definitely is great for a perfect spring outfit!


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Oh, swell!

>> Monday, March 5, 2012

What I am about to show you is very disturbing! But I show you this because I want you to know that I'm speaking for experience. Painful, experience. And to let you know that if you are in the same boat I was, that you really aren't alone. But I still have to warn you that it's disturbing.

My feet and ankles...when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child:
How come no one warned me that my feet, toes, and ankles would swell to the size of Connecticut? If this has never happened to you during pregnancy, I have to admit that I'm feeling a slight bit of resentment!

Swelling of the feet and ankles during pregnancy is called edema. It happens because excess fluid is collecting in your tissues. Also, as your uterus grows, it is putting pressure on your pelvic veins and your vena cava (which is the large vein on the right side of your body used to carry blood from your lower limbs up to the heart). The pressure from your uterus slows the return of blood from your legs, which in turn causes it to pool, then forcing fluid from your veins into the tissue in your feet and ankles.

If you are finding yourself in the same uncomfortable situation that I found myself in, here are some things to try to help:

-Keep your feet up. If you're at work, try to have a stool under your desk to keep them up. When at home, you can do as I did and have a pile of pillows at the end of your couch that you put your feet up on. Putting my feet up always helped with the swelling.

-When sitting, don't cross your legs or ankles. This is a habit of mine that was tricky to break, but it definitely helps!

-Stretch out those legs! Heel first, gently stretch your foot to stretch our your calf. Also rotate your ankles around and wiggle your toes.

-Take breaks from sitting. If you have to sit for long stretches of time, make sure you get up and walk around for a little bit to help with blood circulation.

-Don't wear socks or stockings that are tight around the ankles or calves. (I made that unfortunate mistake while on a long flight. OUCH!) Try waist high support stockings. If you put them on before you get out of bed in the morning, blood won't have the chance to pool around your ankles.

-Drink lots of water! This will help your body to retain less water. (More trips to the bathroom=less water retention)

-Regular exercise helps! Especially walking, swimming, or riding and exercise bike. Oh, the joyous pool! I was so lucky to have access to a pool during my first pregnancy, and it felt so good to get my big ol' swollen feet and ankles into the water!

-And of course, the answer to almost everything, eat well. So hard to say when pregnant, and sometimes all you want is junk food. But avoiding junk food can help with the swelling!

With all that said, I promise, it does go away. I remember SO clearly as soon as my son was born, I was laying in the hospital bed and I looked down and said to my husband "I have ankles again!!" It was nearly as exciting as my son being born!

***Call your health care provider if you notice swelling in your face or puffiness around your eyes, more than slight swelling of your hands, or excessive or sudden swelling of your feet or ankles. This could be a sign of preeclimpsia. Also call if you notice that one leg is significantly more swollen than the other, especially if you have any pain or tenderness in your calf or thigh.


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Adults vs. Babies

>> Thursday, March 1, 2012

There are things that adults do that drive me nuts/annoy me/gross me out. Then, when I became a mother, I suddenly found myself loooving those same things when my sweet babies do them. Examples:

Drooling. Few things are grosser than being spit upon. Yet, somehow, baby drool is completely and totally ok. I don't mind it one bit!

Messy eating. You know how some people can have a big blob of food on their face, and you are looking at them thinking "How do they not know that's there?!" It can be quite concerning. Unless of course it's a baby. Messy food faces are one of the best photo ops with babies!

Footsies. Oh man. Just ask my husband. After nearly 5 years of marriage he still tries to play footsies with me, and I still want him to keep his feet as far away from mine as humanly possible. But oh how I love sweet little baby feet. Not only do I not mind if their feet touch mine, but I'm completely fine with them being all over me!

Heavy breathing. Biggest.pet.peeve. However, I think there is no sweeter sound than the sound of a baby, sleeping peacefully on your shoulder, deeply breathing. Makes me melt every time!

Loud walking. Sometimes I just want to tell people to put a little air into their step! Do they really have to be so loud when they walk? But one of the happiest noises in my house is that of my 14 month old heavily slapping her bare feet on the bare floor.

Sloppy kisses. Just...ewww! Not my cup of tea. However, I have been hard pressed to find moments in life that surpass that of a baby wrapping their arms around you and planting big, wide mouth, sloppy kisses on my face. It's absolutely one of the best moments of motherhood!


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