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What I Wish I Had Known #10

>> Thursday, July 12, 2012

I wish I had known that one of the hardest things about being a mother is not laughing when my kids are throwing a tantrum.

Oh my word! My almost 4 year old says the funniest things in the midst of his tantrums. Like "I need a break!" as he goes to sit in the time out chair or "That did make me very sad." The way he says it makes it so hard for me to keep a straight face. Sometimes, I can't!

My daughter. Oh, my dear daughter. She is a typical dramatic girl! At nearly 19 months, she has had the dramatic overreaction down for a looong time! The dramatic face, the dramatic storming away, the dramatic throwing herself onto the wall, couch, floor, or whatever else is close by. And she doesn't forget to look back to make sure we are seeing just how upset she is! I can honestly say I'd never seen such dramatics in person before and it's impossible for me to hold back my laughter. (I have to laugh now, because I'm sure 12 years from now laughing is the last thing I want to do when she does these things.)

I try to pretend they didn't inherit these dramatic tantrum traits from me, but the truth is, I remember throwing crazy tantrums all to well to deny it. I just wish I had known how funny it was and how impossible it was to not laugh at it! Just be prepared to hide your face when the tantrums start!

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Sister Black July 12, 2012 at 9:31 AM  

You were an expert (but you weren't the only one!)...and yes, it was hard not to laugh. It can even be funny 12 years from now...but maybe not as often

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