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Those Simple Moments

>> Monday, July 30, 2012

So, before we get started with this, a little intro!

Hey all!  I'm Jayne with a Y, and one of the new mom bloggers for Milan Maternity.  I'm a pregnant mother of one amazing toddler, and am due with baby number two in December of this year.  I also live with my amazing husband, our two dogs, and the newest addition to our family, our fish Bob.  Being a mother is just about the most amazing thing I've ever done, and I love to write about parenting as well as topics affecting mamas and babies this day and age.  (Gosh, I just sounded like my grandma, didn't I....!)  I'm glad to be here to spend a little time sharing about some of my favorite topics with everyone and would love any comments or feedback you'd like to add to my posts!

I wanted to begin today by sharing a few mama moments.  I'm a part time working mama and today was one of those working (out of the home) days.  After getting up pretty early (my alarm goes off at 5:30a, to leave the house by 6:30a), working my extended shift, and handling all my daily tasks and to-do's, I'm always pretty exhausted by the time I get into my car and start to drive home.  Most days, I just sit for a moment in my car before leaving the lot, taking a second to try and let go of the work and get back into my first job, being a mother and a wife.  It is hard sometimes to make the switch from being tired and just wanting to lay my weary pregnant self down into bed- to putting every need I have last until it is bedtime for everyone.  But, on most days, there are those simple moments that help me do my job as a mama.

Thankfully, without fail, my little man provides me with those moments every mama needs at the end of my day.  No matter how bedraggled I am by the time I make it to the daycare's door, the second he sees me, he comes running and squealing in happiness and wants to immediately jump into my arms.  Those first few hugs and kisses when I walk in the door are enough to carry me through weeks of bad days, but it doesn't stop there.  On our car ride home, most days he will be happy and content to sit and chatter away to himself in his seat.  Sometimes I'll talk back to him, but some days I just like to listen to his sweet little voice.  Dinnertime on work nights tends to be somewhat rushed.  Little man will get a little cranky then, mainly because it's been a very long day for him as well, and he is very ready for bedtime.  But even if he is a fuss bucket from dinner time to bed time, it's that sweet little moment right before I put him into his crib, when he looks up at me and says, "nigh-nigh mama," that just lifts me out of his room on a cloud.

Sure, there are great moments about being a mother.  There are not so great moments about being a mother.  But in the end, those simple, great moments are what carry me through.

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