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It Never Fails...

>> Friday, July 27, 2012

There are some things, that as a mother, you can always depend on. It was when the first thing on this list happened to me for the 1,215,576 time, that I realized that there are lots of things that in motherhood, never fail. (And I also realized I had the perfect subject for my very last post!)

-It never fails that when your child's diaper starts getting a little full, you decide to go ahead and change it, then within minutes, they decide it's a good time to do the deed. No point in wasting that on an already half full diaper, apparently.

-It never fails that your child seems to behave waaay better for other people than they do for you.

-It never fails that as soon as someone asks you how your baby is sleeping and you rave about how great they have been, that they decide to prove you wrong and wake up a million times a night.

-It never fails that as soon as you sit down for a few moments to try to rest, all of a sudden your child needs something to drink, or a snack, or help with something. Even though you'd been up for hours doing stuff, your child likes to wait until it's super convenient to ask.

-It never fails that witnessing your child's firsts (first time crawling, walking, talking) are some of the most exciting moments. Whether it's your first child or your fifth child.

-It never fails that as soon as you get yourself something to eat, your children come out of nowhere begging to have some of whatever it is you are eating. (This realization after being a mother for a mere 4 years makes me feel super guilty for all the times I asked my mom for a bite of something she was eating...and I was the last of eleven! She put up with that for way more years than I could imagine!!)

-It never fails that you can plan on your house being clean for approximately 24 seconds before another mess is made of it.

-It never fails that when your baby or child has been a complete angel all morning/day, as soon as you get out in public, said child turns into a complete monster.

-It never fails that when your child is doing something super cute, and they've been doing it for several minutes, that when you go get your camera to capture the moment it will be then that they decide to stop.

-It never fails that when one child decides to sleep in, the other child decides to wake up super early.

-It never, ever, ever fails that when your child is being naughty, all they have to do is smile, give you hugs and kisses and tell you they love you, and it makes it all better.

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