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It's sandal time!

>> Friday, March 23, 2012

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Spring is officially here! I love spring. And I love that it really does feel like spring (at least where I am). And I love that spring means sandals!! My toes love the fresh air just as much as my face does!

When it comes to sandals and pregnancy/constantly carrying around a little one, comfort and support are key. Usually when I think of "comfortable and supportive sandals" I think of something a grandma would wear. But there are lots of great non-granny ones, too!

The first two comfortable/supportive brands I thought of were Aerosoles and Crocs. Now...Crocs are something I have never owned. I just never could jump on that bandwagon. But for the sake of you guys, I looked up what they had, and I have to say these two caught my eye.

The first pair I noticed were the "sexi sandal" (their name, not mine!). And they come in different colors. Black, oyster, espresso, nautical navy, and scarlet (pictured).

The "Adrina Strappy sandal" comes in aqua/celery (pictured), black, espresso/bronze, ultraviolet/berry, and scarlet/oyster color combinations.
I have to say, even though I have had a Croc aversion for years, I'd love both of these...in all colors.

I also found a couple of pairs of Aerosoles. I actually own these "Plush Around" sandals. And I love them! They come in black, brown (pictured), beige , natural, demin, gold metallic, leopard, and silver metallic. Truly, You can't go wrong with these!

And these "At First Plush" are super cute. They come in bone (pictured), black, and red.
And there's tons of other comfortable/supportive sandal options out there. (But I have 2 kids and not enough time in the day, so I can't find them all for you.) The point is, there are options! And it is sandal season, so for Pete sake, get yourself some cute (comfortable) sandals!

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Emily March 23, 2012 at 2:24 PM  

I still hate the classic crocs (you know, the clunky ones with all the holes) but love their more fashionable flats and sandals and heels. :)

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