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Baby talk

>> Friday, October 7, 2011

If there is one thing us women know how to do (generally speaking) it's talk...a lot. Which turns out to be a good thing when it comes to our babies.

Research shows that even before babies know how to speak, language plays an important role in their lives. Before they can speak, they begin to learn the general meaning of words and begin to understand tone. Talking to your baby helps them out later in life. It improves their reading, writing, and interpersonal skills. Our babies are little sponges that absorb everything around them.

So make sure you talk to your baby from day one. It seems kind of silly at first. I remember being at home with my newborn son, just the two of us, and I would talk to him because that's what I knew I was supposed to do and I felt kind of ridiculous. But then when he got older, I remember clearly the day that I told him we were going to put his shoes on, before he could really even talk, and he went and got his shoes. I remember clearly the feeling that I had that taking to him really does make a difference,

-Tell your baby what you are doing as you go through out the day. Say things like "We are going to ride in the car", "Let's change your diaper", and "We're going into the kitchen."
-Repeat common words like "Momma" and "bottle" so your baby can start to associate those words with their meanings.
-When your baby is babbling, let them babble and respond to them. Having this back and forth "conversation" with them teaches them the give-and-take of adult conversations.
-Do your best to respond, smile, and gesture to your baby when they are babbling.
-Use short simple words like "cup" and "ball" and show those objects to your child.
-Don't limit it to just talking to them. Make sure to read your baby plenty of books and sing them songs.

Having your child know what you mean when you tell them what you are going to do, or hearing your baby say their first words is so exciting and rewarding as a parent. No doubt talking to your baby through out the day helps them achieve this milestone.

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