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Tools of The Trade for Mommy Brain

>> Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have found some tools that have proved extremely useful in the bleary eyed, sleep deprived days that are newborn-hood. Mommy Brain gets the best of us...Just take a peek at some of the silly stuff we are capable of after a night of hourly wakings and long days! The following tools can truly help you organize the scattered & scrambled info roaming your brain.
If you have access to download apps to a phone or iPod, here are a couple apps you might want to consider.

Total Baby App: It's on iTunes. This was a favorite among the nurses in the hospital's newborn nursery. They would ask when the baby was last fed, how many wet/soiled diapers, etc. Well this bad boy keeps track of it all so your brain can rest! Just tap to start a breast feeding session [and you can edit it if you miss the start or finish time], tap to record a bowel movement or wet diaper, time naps. This all helps to see what your baby's schedule is and by recording the diapers, you'll have some peace of mind just knowing that your baby is getting enough to eat!

Similac Baby Journal App: This is also on iTunes. This app does what the other app does except it's FREE and it I think it has prettier graphics. It does have a nice recorder for formula fed babies! Shows trends in feeding, sleeping and diaper patterns for you to see how your little one is doing. In this app you can also keep track of baby's growth. Each of these have color graphs. The diaper changing section has more info asked to input that could be helpful to a Pediatrician. There is also an advice section with topics on feeding, sleeping, diapers, milestones, mom tips & dad tips.

Parenting Ages & Stages App: Even though I have had three kids, I find myself Googling info I used to know right off the top of my head. This app has a bunch of info as you move through the stages of parenthood starting at pregnancy. You can customize it to each of your kids. I was able to input all three of my kiddos and can check on various topics that have to do with my child's age/stage. It's nice to have a place to turn to with a bunch of tips on what you're going through.

If You Don't Do Apps: There is an amazing baby log journal called the Newborn Baby Tracker. This notebook tracker has enough space for the first three months of tracking. Time Too's simple, day- and night-on-a-page journal uses a charting system of activity by time with simple check boxes and fill-in-the-blanks to record and view feedings, diaper changes and sleep schedules and activities, creating a visual snapshot of schedules and needs.

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