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Maternity Swimwear 101

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As swimsuit season approaches, choosing a cute suit that will fit well and flatter can be a daunting task whether you're pregnant or not. The ladies over at Hapari.com are providing us with some essential tips in choosing the perfect suit. And stay tuned, next week they're providing a fabulous GIVEAWAY for a gift card for one of their suits!

Maternity Swimwear 101

Whether you are just starting to get your baby bump or you are trying to get your post-baby body back, it’s safe to say your body will never be completely the same after pregnancy again. Hitting the beach might make you take a hit to your self-esteem if you get the wrong maternity swimwear, but there are some easy things you can do to make sure you look your best (either during pregnancy or after delivery) when the layers come off:

• Go dark – Darker colors are more slimming to your frame, so if you are feeling self-conscious about your weight gain, avoid flesh tones and pastels. If you gained more in your hips, you can draw the focus away by buying dark tankini bottoms, or vice versa if you are feeling a little top-heavy.

• Halter necks are your friend – Chances are, since getting pregnant you have more to support up top. Halter necks can draw attention from your belly fat to your bust, and they have the additional benefit of providing more support. Look for adjustable, wide straps, since your comfort level might change from day to day. If you don’t know what your body will be like in a few month’s time, then adjustable straps help you feel secure no matter your size.

• Underwire support is no underdog – Getting some kind of underwire support in your tankini top can help put things back where they belong. This kind of support also helps you look a few pounds slimmer, since your bust isn’t resting on your stomach.

• Control your belly – There are different cuts of swimwear bottoms, and if you have a little extra belly weight, find some bottoms that help reign things in. Either make sure that the bottoms you choose go high enough that they are not cutting into your belly fat (accentuating it), or low enough that they rise beneath the softest part of your stomach. Control bottoms, or Tummy Tuk bottoms usually fit underneath your tankini top, so people won’t see your stomach at all.

• Fabric is key – Thicker fabrics can hide more rolls, while thinner fabrics (usually the cheaper ones) will only stick to you when wet and accentuate what rolls you have. Thicker fabrics will act like more of a shirt and make you feel more comfortable if you already aren’t confident with your body.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice wearing cute swimwear because of pregnancy. There are a lot of styles out there for many different body types, and if you know these simple tricks, you can show off what a beautiful confident woman you are.

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Jennifer and Enoch Jones April 19, 2011 at 7:45 AM  

Do they have any maternity swim wear? It is hard to find cute and flattering maternity swim wear and I'll be at my biggest this summer.

Liz Memmott,  April 19, 2011 at 10:02 AM  

I need some help in this department, and will definitely after the baby comes in July! Cute swimsuits!!

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