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First Years Wave Stroller Review

>> Friday, April 29, 2011

While pregnant I was on the hunt for the best affordable baby gear I could find. I read hundreds upon hundreds of reviews [which I do before I purchase anything!] on hundreds of different products. When it came time to pick a stroller, it was no different. The fact that this is our last baby made me want to get something different than my usual. Unfortunately what I wanted was quite a bit out of our price range. Think: the Inglesina baby pram stroller or the UPPAbaby Vista. I really wanted a vintage type of stroller, especially a pram. So, I looked high and low and decided there wasn't one in my price range. Then out of nowhere a few months later, I came across The First Years Wave Stroller. I totally squealed! Could it really be a fraction of the price of the Inglesina with almost all of the bells and whistles & even some features that made it BETTER!

One of the features that makes this better than the Inglesina is that the bassinet is not a separate purchase. It's also part of the next step seating as the bassinet actually transforms into the regular stroller seat. For something you actually don't get to use that long [approximately 4 months or so], it's a great money saving value! Something that might remind you of the Graco Flip-It Stroller, is the spinning feature. Spin with a flip of the wrist from front facing to rear facing. Also good for soothing a fussy baby. The change in direction helps to keep things fresh for baby. What makes it far superior to the Graco Flip-It stroller is the fact that the wheels on the Wave stroller don't change position. Meaning that you still get ease of the front swivel wheels as opposed to the back locked wheels, which was the biggest complaint about the Flip-It. You can clip the compatible car seat, First Years Via, or use a Graco or Evenflo car seat with it because it comes with a car seat adapter. Yet another piece typically sold separately that comes with the Wave.
Flaws? Well, nothing is perfect. The only flaw I can truly find is the smaller under basket. I have a large diaper bag and it won't fit, but I hang it from the handle with no issue. Oh, and I bought a separate cup holder thing for about $10 since it doesn't come with one. Considering how much cheaper this is to the high end strollers, these are small things. Below is a video demonstration/review that helped me and sealed the deal! I love it when a product works like it's supposed from other moms. Especially when it's a good deal!

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