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Secrets of maternity dressing

>> Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You're having a baby! But you're less than excited about the prospect of giving up your hip clothes in favor of tent dresses and sweats. Don’t worry; there are some ways that you can still look like a hip mom!

"The key is to stick with the same kinds of things you wear when you're not pregnant," advises fashion designer Liz Lange. If you wear a lot of black and that makes you feel confident and comfortable, then by all means, don't start wearing pink just because you're pregnant.

If you prefer solid colors to prints, choose a favorite neutral — say, gray, black, or khaki — and build your wardrobe around that.

Borrow before you buy

Maternity clothes can be expensive! Maternity clothes range in prices well up to the $100. Thank goodness for MILAN MATERNITY though!

Ask your friends if they have any maternity clothes they are willing to let you borrow for a few months. Check out consignment shops and thrift stores. Women who spend a lot on maternity clothes often try to recoup some of their costs by reselling them at such stores. With a little patience, you can score designer maternity duds at a fraction of the original price.

Scour your closet — and your man's

We all have at least a couple of things in our closets that we wear when we're a few pounds heavier than usual. Loose tops and pants or skirts with elastic or drawstring waistbands can be terrific pieces to get you through the first few months.

Even your favorite jeans can last a couple of extra months if you use a little ingenuity. Try this trick: Loop a rubber band through the buttonhole and then wrap it around the button. This will provide that crucial extra inch or two of breathing room. I have done this a few times and it does work!

You can also find an alternative in stores and on MILAN MATERNITY called the belly band, a stretchy band you wear around your waist. The band holds up your jeans and shorts so you can leave them unzipped. On top, wear a long shirt to cover your quick fix.

Paint yourself in one color

"When you're dressed in one color from head to toe, you look really put together," says Liz Lange. You can use a scarf or sweater or even jewelry to add splashes of color, she says.


Your metabolic rate increases by about 20 percent when you're pregnant, which means that if everyone else is shivering, you're just as likely to be complaining about the heat. With a layered look, you can peel clothes off as needed. On cold days, wear a T-shirt or polo under a sweater or a turtleneck under a long cardigan.
Don't get carried away, though — too many layers or layers that are too loose can look sloppy instead of sophisticated. Sweater sets (maternity or otherwise) are a great way to look sleek and pulled together.

Flex your shoe sense

Shoes feeling a little tight? Many women's feet expand a half or even a full size during pregnancy (and some never go back to their original size). Needless to say, this is not the time to be strutting around in stilettos. Choose flats or shoes with wide, chunky heels or lower "kitten heels" instead. And be sure to buy slip-ons — you're not going to want to bend over and lace up your shoes when you're nine months pregnant!


Accessories are a great way to get more mileage out of an outfit. You can give a basic piece, such as a black dress, a whole new look by swapping a chunky necklace for a silk scarf. An added bonus: If you splurge on a few accessories, at least you know you'll be able to wear them after you give birth.

Here are some ways to add a little oomph to your outfits:
Use a bright piece of jewelry, such as a turquoise or beaded bracelet or necklace, to give a monochromatic outfit some zip.
Wear a pair of funky shoes and carry a matching handbag to add your signature to a basic piece.
Punch up an outfit with a colorful scarf or by tying a sweater around your shoulders.

Splurge (a little)

Few women can afford to buy a completely new wardrobe for pregnancy. But you should definitely invest in at least one outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. A pair of skinny and flair jeans should get you through your whole pregnancy. A sexy dress, black velvet pants and a swingy top, or a stunning suit can make you look like a million bucks when you feel like anything but. Wear it as much as possible while you can.

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