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Fun Things For Soon-To-Be Siblings

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

  It can be a tough transition time for children that are going to be welcoming a new sibling. Whether it's the child's first sibling or seventh! It's always an adjustment for everyone, but can be extra adjusting for a child to go through. There are dozens and dozens of articles on how to incorporate children in the pregnancy and delivery of a new baby. My two daughters helped pick their baby brother's name, talked to him in my belly and read him stories. Some other ideas are to let them paint your belly or help with a super fun belly cast! We also sat the girls down and had a chat with them about how things will change and how they can be big helpers. It helps to let them know that your heart grows with each child born, that your love for them will only grow and that their role in the family is important!
  There are other fun stuff that can help in a more visual way as well! Here are some of the fun stuff that have helped our daughters:

Our girls love books, and reading is a great way to spend some quality time with the kiddos. 
Baby on the Way  is a great book on pregnancy & what's happening to mom. It's written from a child's point-of-view.

 They wrote another one that goes on to the next step called, What Baby Needs:
It's for after baby arrives, but is a great read for those nights before delivery!

Another great book for kids is On Mother's Lap:
This book comes in not just hardback or paperback option but a board book option! It introduces the mantra to kids that "there's always room on mother's lap" even when there's a new sibling. A book of love and caring. Beautifully illustrated also. 

These are certainly not just for girls. A lot of the reviews are from moms of boys! These can help siblings to have something to help take care of. We got two tan boy dolls for our daughters to open when baby brother joins us next Thursday. There are a few skin and hair color variations as well as accessories for the dolls. They're all plush and safe. The ones below are North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Dolls. They come with little hospital bracelets that you can write on!
Then of course there's always sibling shirts, big sibling buttons and stickers! 
Some of my favorite sibling shirts are made by Zoey's Attic. They are sibling "pecking order" shirts! They are custom ordered with however many you need! It looks super cute on huge households too! Your childrens' names can be added for FREE! Cafepress.com has some adorable sibling buttons if that's what you're looking for, and they're reasonably priced around $4 a button.

  On a final note, don't forget to check out your local hospital where you're delivering or birthing center and sign up for a sibling class if they have one. Our hospital has a free one that took the girls around the hospital, showed them the nursery [and cute babies!], gave out stickers and taught them how to swaddle and change diapers! They had a blast and felt very included!

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