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How to stay style savvy postpartum

>> Monday, November 19, 2012

Let's be honest.  Postpartum style is hard to achieve.  Not only does your body look like you are still pregnant, but you're barely sleeping, only intermittently eating, and your body is recuperating from your delivery.

Then you add into that scenario the fact that friends and family want to visit, you need to take the baby to doctor's appointments, and need to attend your own doctor's appointments.  In the thick of all of that, you are just trying to look like you hadn't been run over by a mack truck of baby.  :)

However, there are some simple things you can do to look your best:

1.  Ask your significant other (or a support person if available) to give you a half hour each day to shower, brush your teeth, put on a little make-up if you feel so inclined.  Not only will you be more presentable if unannounced guests do arrive, but actually having that shower every day can help you feel like a real human being again for a few minutes.  It is highly worth your time!

2.   Wear clothing that isn't extremely form-fitting.  For MOST women, your body will still look significantly pregnant for some time after you have your baby.  Wearing loose knit tops, sweaters, and blouses can give you a little coverage and modesty- and help you feel more self-confident in entertaining guests.

3.  Style your hair.  I'm not talking about hours with your stylist or curling iron, but you can do something with your hair.  Often a low, messy bun or a quick braid here or there can keep you looking put-together when it's all you can do to get your teeth brushed some days.

4.   Always pack an extra outfit for YOU (and the baby) to keep stored in the car.  If you're on the way to the doctor's office and the baby spits up on you as you leave your car, throwing a quick sweater over your soiled top can fix your situation!

What are some ways you plan to (or have) kept your style postpartum?

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