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How to find mommy friends

>> Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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If you happen to be a new mother without any other "mommy friends", the thought of now developing new friendships at this stage of your life can be intimidating.  Here are some options to find other women in your same situation:

1. Join free classes.  Most local libraries offer free classes for mothers and their children.  Becoming involved in these classes opens you and your child up to meeting other mothers and children you'd never have interacted with otherwise.

2. Join support groups.  Some local hospitals run support groups for new parents, new mothers, new fathers, breastfeeding mothers, formula feeding mothers, etc.  A quick call to your hospital can lead you to a group of new friends.  Some communities also offer groups called MOPS, or mothers of preschoolers.  These groups also foster relationships between new mothers in your community.

3. Get out of the house!  Whether it includes walking through your neighborhood, going to a local park, or spending time at a local coffee shop or bookstore with your new babe in tow, you'll always have more opportunity to meet people when you're away from your pajamas and couch!

4. Use the internet.  Babycenter.com, TheBump.com, and several other sites exist with sections of "Mommy Message Boards"- where you are able to message with and connect with other mothers either in your area or across the country for information, friendship, and some support as well.

5. Use your connections.  Don't know any other new mothers, but your friends do?  Ask them to set up a lunch date between you/your babe, your friend, and their friend/their babe.  Blind dating still happens after you have babies!  If things go well, you can always ask to meet up for a play date or park get together!

What are some ways you've met new friends after becoming a mother?

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