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Quick Tips for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

>> Monday, September 10, 2012

Morning sickness.  Ugh.  Just hearing the words brings back flashbacks.  While morning sickness can be somewhat reassuring if you've had any early complications in your pregnancy, it is never fun, and- for some women- can be downright miserable.  Here are some quick tips to help you get through:

- Try everything.  Every woman and every pregnancy is going to be different.  Things I tried my first pregnancy didn't work the second time, as well as things that hadn't worked the first time, did sometimes help the second pregnancy.  Things like ginger gum, ginger ale, sea bands, ginger tea/drinks, crackers on the bedside table, eating something small first and something bigger second, trying preggie pops/drops and many more recommendations were all things I tried at some point in either pregnancy.

- Try to rest as much as you can.  If this is your first pregnancy, do your best to get to sleep earlier at night.  If you already have children, don't be afraid to ask for help.  A spouse/partner, friend, or family member may be able to give you a hand with your older child in order for you to get some rest.

- Drink as much water as possible.  Decreasing dehydration can help you to avoid nausea.  Pregnant ladies who are dehydrated may experience more nausea than pregnant ladies who are well hydrated.

- Learn your own body.  There were days during my first and my current pregnancy where I was physically unable to accomplish anything.  There were days where I did call off of work, put on a cartoon for my son at home so I could lay down, or take some time at work to stop and get a snack or rest my head on a desk for a few minutes.  Your body is telling you something when you feel that sick.  While our culture sadly rewards those who 'push through the pain', this is not one of those cases.  Take care of yourself and your body/baby!

- Don't be afraid to ask for help.  There are some medications your doctor can give you for morning sickness if it becomes excessive.  There is no shame in admitting you need help to continue to do your daily tasks.  

- Take comfort in the fact that, in most cases, morning sickness doesn't last forever, and you will get through this.  I promise, the end result is far more rewarding than the path to get there!

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