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Dressing Your Pregnant Body

>> Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Being pregnant is a blessed time in your life whether you're sick and tired all the time or not, that little love is growing inside of you giving you that pregnant mommy glow. However being pregnant doesn't always make you feel like a glowing mommy to be, especially when it comes to fashion and dressing your body. The more woman I talk to the more I realize that a lot of woman don't feel fashionable or gorgeous during pregnancy and they definitely should. I think part of this reason is that we don't know how to dress ourselves, many hide behind over-sized t-shirts that don't fit or show off that bump, making them feel bigger than they really are.

Let me just say before I say anymore.. I'm not one of those pregnant ladies that don't gain any weight during their pregnancy, I start out fairly small and immediately gain a lot of water weight only to gain 50+ pounds each and every single one of my pregnancies before it's all over with. Let me share a little something with you that I've learned now that I'm on my fourth pregnancy. No matter what your size you can dress and look good. How you ask? Let me tell you.. forget everything you looked good in before pregnancy (this may not be for all) especially if your body is warping into something new. Just because everyone else looks good in it, doesn't mean it's for you. Find the appropriate size, try on as many pieces as you need too and if it doesn't look good and that's the trend, don't wear/buy it. Don't be afraid to show off your bump.. after all it's a baby in there!

Here's a few apparel tips that might help you no matter what your size.

Ruched sided shirts look really great on many woman, accentuating the bump and helps hide any rolls that may start on the side. You don't have to buy tons of different sizes because a lot of times ruched sided shirts will grow with you. This is a life-saver for me because I go from a small to a large x-large and who wants to buy all those sizes?

Under the belly waisted shirts, you know they get tight around the bottom. I like these especially as I get bigger. You don't look like your shirt is just going out and then straight down. Shows off the bump which I love! 

Don't be afraid to wear panties that slim you, but are made for pregnant woman and will stretch with your body. There is no reason you can't keep things slim and looking smooth. Throw on a camisole under your clothing just to slim things out, doesn't show as many rolls (I love this whether your pregnant or not), camisoles are a must!

Pants/Jeans - so many.. find the correct fit. If you want to wear skinny jeans make sure they aren't too tight and if you have bigger thighs pair them with flat boots to balance them out. My thighs get big during pregnancy so I find skinny jeans can be touchy. A nice boot cut is classic and can really make you feel good, go with a darker wash. Find pants that are going to stay up and yes this can take some work. High panels, low panels, no panels, find something that's going to stay up and feel comfortable and you'll look great!

Accessorize - it's hard to buy tons when pregnant when your body is changing a lot but jazz it up with a scarf, necklaces, earrings, bracelet and it can change up your entire look. Enjoy being pregnant and don't feel like you have to wear over-sized baggy men's t-shirts. You're beautiful and you should feel great too!

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