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Wearing Baby While Pregnant

>> Monday, August 6, 2012

Babywearing, or the act of carrying your child on your body, with a little help of some simple and not so simple contraptions/cloths, can be a part of motherhood that some women enjoy.  There are many benefits to babywearing, and it's something I've done consistently with little man since he was born.  However, now that I am pregnant again, wearing my child has become a totally different ball game.

Early in pregnancy, babywearing is just normal business.  You put your babe into a sling, wrap, carrier, etc. and go.  No changes in your body yet, no additional reasons to be uncomfortable... yet.

However, shortly after hitting my second trimester, some of my typical carriers for little man just did not seem comfortable any more.  It seemed that a lot of carriers I LOVE when I am not pregnant just began to hit me in the wrong place, sit in an odd position, or just generally hurt in ways they had never made me feel before I was pregnant with baby number two.

Here are some tips to try if you plan to babywear while pregnant:

- Invest your time first!  Read, research, and then read some more.  There are TONS of reviews on the internet about all different kinds of baby carriers and babywearing devices.  It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you read a few different reviews, you can get an idea on how that carrier is to wear while pregnant.

- Know yourself.  When I first had little man, I loved to use lots of wraps, because I had the time to do different types of wrapping and only a happy, smiley baby waiting for me in the swing to be picked up.  Now, I know that the most important thing for me as a pregnant mama in the middle of a ridiculously hot summer is to not be spending 20 minutes in the parking lot of a store wrapping little man up, only to stop in for one item.  Knowing what you want out of a carrier first can help guide your choice.

- Try them out!  As I mentioned above, some of my favorite carriers from pre-pregnancy are completely uncomfortable now, and I've had to adjust what I use.  There are many babywearing groups and libraries you can join to rent, borrow, or just test out different carriers and how you specifically like them.  I've also had good luck borrowing wraps or carriers from friends and likewise have loaned out some of my own and taught others how to use them.  The best way to know what you like is to actually use it.

- Be open minded.  The logistics of carrying around a toddler while pregnant are not very appealing to many, but it can be done if you find the way that works the best for you.  However, if you don't seem to find something that works, a stroller can also be a great option for use during pregnancy.  I haven't met a wrap yet that has a cup holder for a cool drink!

Babywearing is something fun to try out and, if you like it, you've just found a new way to tote around your tot.  Leave some babywearing love in the comments if you have a favorite carrier or wrap and let us know what it is!

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Sarah Schulz August 6, 2012 at 6:44 AM  

I loved my ring sling (and still do!) while pregnant. I could carry my toddler on my hip or back and the carrier didn't push on my tummy. He didn't want to be worn for long anyway, so I loved what a quick up and down the ring sling provided!

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