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A trick of the trade #6

>> Thursday, June 28, 2012

If there is anything that I have learned in my short number of years being a mother and buying things for babies, it's this: They are forever changing and "improving" products and you never know how long the one that works for your baby is going to be on the shelf.

Bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, certain food products, even certain little toys...our children got accustomed to a certain type, and then all of a sudden I'd go to the store and they'd no longer have the exact product. I'd find in it's place some new "improved" version that my child was not a fan of.

So to play it safe, if you find something that your baby/child loves...stock up!! You never know how long they will sell your child's favorite version, and finding yourself without it because they no longer sell it can be a tragedy in itself!!

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