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Telling him you're pregnant

>> Thursday, June 21, 2012

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For me, telling my husband when I'm pregnant is one of the most exciting parts about the pregnancy. For my first pregnancy, I was so excited that I ran into the room where he was and just told him. He was mostly in shock I think, but it's one of those moments I'll always remember.

For my second pregnancy I decided to do something a little more and I thought it would be fun to get my son involved a little bit. So when my husband came home from work, my son was wearing this onesie I made him.

It took my husband a couple of minutes to take the time to read what it actually said and it was KILLING me!! But it was so much fun to tell him that way.

With baby number three, I wanted to do something fun. But then I had a thought. I'm always the first person to know, and I'm always the one somehow telling him. I thought it would be fun to let him be the one to see the pregnancy test first and tell me. So I took the test, left it in the bathroom, and told him he was going to get to see it first. When he walked out of the bathroom, I could tell immediately by the look on his face that it was positive. It was fun to do it in reverse.

I looked to our dear friend Pinterest to find some other cute ideas for announcing to your other half your pregnancy. Here's a few fun ones that I found.

This one made me laugh. (I couldn't find where it originated from since all the links took me to weird sites) But...I loved the idea! Simple and fun.

You could buy him this shirt, and place it in his shirt pile.

Or, presenting him with a coupon for 1 baby could be a fun route to go. (Although the ultrasound might later show he's getting a 2 for 1 deal :)

No matter how you tell him, it will be fun and a special moment for the two of you. And...don't worry if at first he seems more shocked or scared than excited.

What fun ways have you told your man that you're pregnant??

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Jess (The Cozy Reader) June 21, 2012 at 12:13 PM  

We were trying for both so we always found out together. :)

We did, however, have fun telling our loved ones. :) With the first we printed out a cute poem from the babies' point of view to the grandparents and with the second we made a shirt for our daughter to wear that said "Big Sister" to a family get together. That was fun. :)

Tamara,  July 2, 2012 at 1:45 PM  

We told my husband's parents by putting a onsie in a large easter egg and gave it to them for Easter. I loved my MIL's reaction!

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