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Mother's Day Sale and.....that awkward phase

>> Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm at that stage in pregnancy when my regular clothes don't fit right, but maternity clothes are too big. This phase of pregnancy seems to be occurring earlier and earlier with each pregnancy. I am only 13 weeks, after all, and I'm already hitting the awkward clothes phase.

Luckily, Milan Maternity has some clothing options that are PERFECT for this phase. These options are ones that are good because most people probably wouldn't even notice that they are in fact maternity clothes. And they aren't huge on you during the early stages of pregnancy when your stomach is just starting to grow.

The Gisella is perfect. It fits well even in the early stages. It comes in two colors: coral and emerald. (And they happen to be on sale for $23. It's a win-win!)

I LOVE the Vittoria dress. And one of the most awesome things about it is that when I wore it, no one had the slightest idea it was a maternity/nursing dress. Which means when you are trying to cover up that teeny tiny baby bump, no one will know you are actually covering it with a maternity/nursing dress.

Another top perfect for those early stages of pregnancy that is also a favorite of mine is the Gabriella. It comes in both royal fuschia and vintage blue. And another one of my favorite things about it is that it can be worn with the detail in the front or the back.

The Carissa is yet another perfect option. The ruched sides are perfect for your growing belly, making it look good even when you're in the early months. It also comes in two colors: honeysuckle pink and nautical blue.

And last, but certainly not least is another favorite of mine. The Nicola is yet another top that doesn't look like a maternity top. In the early months it fits a little loosely, and no one would even know that it's a maternity top. I also LOVE both colors it comes in, berry and seafoam green.
See, Milan Maternity has you covered in every single stage of pregnancy and after. Even that fun phase when other maternity clothes are just too big.

And in case you're needing an additional incentive, our Mother's Day sale is going on through Monday!  Get 15% off everything with code "15FORMOM" and free shipping on all orders over $50. 

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