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Pregnancy sleep

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

It gets to a certain point in pregnancy where sleep can sometimes seem impossible. It can be very frustrating, but know that there are some things to help.

The problem: All of a sudden you're a snorer due to more estrogen, which contributes to swelling of the mucous membranes that line the nose.

The solution: Sleep on your side, preferably your left side (more on that later) and elevate your head as much as possible.

The problem: Heartburn and indigestion.

The solution: Avoid foods that trigger heartburn. (Which can be hard to do if you just can't resist some of those pregnancy cravings.) If you have to give in, make sure it's a few hours before you go to sleep to give your body time to digest the food. A glass of milk can help ease the pain. And try sleeping as propped up as possible.

The problem: Leg cramps.

The solution: Straighten your leg, heel first, and flex your toes back toward your shin. If that doesn't work, get up and walk around for a couple of minutes.

The problem: You just can't get comfortable.

The solution: Pillows, and lots of them. (Or one big body pillow). My husband gets about two inches of bed space when I'm pregnant because I have a pillow behind me to support my back, a pillow between my legs, and a pillow under my belly for support. You may think I'm crazy, but being uncomfortable hasn't been a sleeping problem for me when pregnant thanks to my bed of pillows.

The problem: So...very....hot...

The solution: Only wear what's necessary, keep it as cool as possible, and get an extra fan if needed. I'm generally a cold natured person, but pregnancy makes me feel like I'm living in the Sahara. If your signifcant other is freezing thanks to your desire for artic weather, remind him that he can get an extra blanket, and that he should be thankful he isn't the one pregnant.

The problem: Needing to go to the bathroom much too frequently.

The solution: Sleeping on your left side can help keep pressure off of your bladder as your uterus begins to expand. And try not to drink anything a few hours before bed so that you aren't going to sleep with a full bladder.

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Jess (The Cozy Reader) September 16, 2011 at 8:45 AM  

Great topics! I purchased a maternity pillow for my 2nd pregnancy. It took up a large portion of the bed and hubby had "just" enough room to lay down but it was totally worth it. I slept very well up til the very end where no amount of pillows helped me sleep w/o needing to pee every hour or so. Not drinking before bed is a good idea but it was essential that I stay hydrated. Give and take I suppose. :)

Steve Berke January 7, 2018 at 10:53 PM  

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