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Milan Maternity Spotlight

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Jennifer! She is a stay at home mom to two kids. Her son is 3 and her daughter is 1 1/2. She is also expecting baby #3, due next March. And on top of that she is a wife to a medical student!

I sat down with Jennifer to ask her some questions (and by that I mean I sat down at my computer and typed up the questions and she sat at her computer and typed up her answers)

The first time you were pregnant, was there anything about it that completely surprised you or that you wish you had know about being pregnant?
I wish I'd known how exhausting it was going to be. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a full time elementary school teacher, and boy was it tough being on my feet most of the day!

Have you announced your pregnancies to your husband or family members in any fun and memorable ways?
The first two times, I just told my husband and called our families on the phone…I know, kind of lame. But this time, I made cinnamon rolls early one morning before my husband woke up. When he came down to the kitchen, there was a note on them that said "there's a bun in the oven". He was so happy about another baby, and the cinnamon rolls. :) And we haven't told our families yet, so if any of you read this before we do….SURPRISE!!!

Have you found any tricks that work really well for you with morning sickness?
I don't really get traditionally "morning sickness" like most women (knock on wood!). I just get tired and nauseous, but no vomiting. I just eat frequent small meals and snack throughout the day. I also don't try to schedule too many things in the early morning, when I feel the worst.

I think every stay at home mom has one or two chores that they absolutely hate doing. What are those for you and have you found a way to do them that makes them a little more tolerable?
I hate mopping and cleaning the bathtubs. To make them more tolerable- honestly, my sweet husband often does it for me. He rocks!

As an expectant mother with 2 other children, what are some things you are doing to prepare them for the new arrival?
They are very young, 3 and 1 1/2 so we haven't even told them yet. I still look the same to them, it's months away before he/she will arrive, so for now, I'm just trying to keep things as normal as possible. When we do tell them about the new baby, we'll try and make it exciting, let them help pick out a few new things for the baby, and tell them how they'll be a big brother and big sister.

What are some of your children's favorite activities to do during the day?
My kids love to color, play outside, and watch Elmo. They love going to library and of course the park.

As mothers we have some special moments with our children that we always remember and cherish. Do you mind sharing one or two of those experiences?
I just remember getting up in the middle of the night with my infant son, feeding him, and holding him until he went asleep. There's just something about 2 a.m. that is so quiet and peaceful when you have a beautiful little baby to share it with. Babies just have such sweet, innocent spirits.

When you are having a rough day, and counting down the hours until your husband gets home so you can get a break, what is it that you are looking forward to do as a stress reliever?
I love to read blogs of my friends and families. I read a handful of blogs of people I find inspiring. I also enjoy a good book now and then, too.

When we are pregnant or have kids, it seems like we get all sorts of advice, wanted or not, from all sorts of people. What is one of the best pieces of advice you have gotten?
Follow your own instincts. That's just it- you'll get advice from everyone and anyone about everything when you are expecting or a new mom, and you just need to filter it all out and do what YOU think is best for your family.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you felt like you just couldn't handle it, and what got you through that?
I usually call my sister who has 3 young kids, and she can totally relate to my mothering dilemmas. And another thing that gets me through is something my mom told me growing up and tells me know that I'm a mom; "It's a good thing their cute!". That is so very true with kids, even when they aren't behaving very well.

With your husband being in medical school, and all the time that takes, what do you two do with your children for fun when you do have that special time together?
We really just keep it simple most the time. We go to lots of local parks and playgrounds, go for drives, get ice cream, and dance to kids' music. We just spend as much time together as a family we can.

What is the best thing about being a mother?
Just seeing their cute, happy faces every morning helps me start each day fresh and know that I CAN do this; I not going to be perfect, but I am their mother and I love them. And that's enough.

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david-and-shellie September 7, 2011 at 8:55 PM  

Thanks for this post, it was uplifting!! And keep up the amazing and beautiful work you do, Jennifer!

Anonymous,  September 8, 2011 at 8:16 AM  

It was a pleasure getting to know you Jennifer. You're truly blessed with a beautiful family (great hubby!) Best wishes for the one on the way!

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