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Old wives tales

>> Monday, August 29, 2011

Boy or girl? With each of my two pregnancies that was what I just couldn't wait to find out. Having to wait for that 20 week ultrasound is so hard for an impatient person like me. My first was a boy but I had a feeling it was all along. With my second pregnancy, I turned to the internet to find out all of the different old wives tales and other signs that might tell me if I was having a boy or girl.

I have to admit, everything I read was saying that I was having a girl, and then when I got the ultrasound, it was confirmed that it was. So maybe there is some truth to these old wives tales after all.

Symptoms and old wives tales that indicate gender:

If you are craving sweet treats, it is a girl.
Salty or sour cravings, a boy.
(I was definitely craving sweets, but then again, I have some kind of treat every day, so that wasn't anything new)

If you break out with severe acne, a girl.
Mild or no acne, a boy.

With morning sickness, if you are severely sick, it's a boy.
If you are mildly sick, it's a girl.
If you are sick in the morning, a boy.
Sick in the evening, a girl.
(My morning sickness was worse in the morning with my son. With my daughter it wasn't as bad, but a lot worse in the evening)

If you are growing extra body hair, a boy.
No extra body hair, it's a girl.

If you are carrying the baby low, it's a boy.
If you are carrying the baby high, a girl.

This one makes me laugh!
If your husband gains weight, it's a girl!
If your husband doesn't gain any weight, then it's a boy.

Put a wedding ring or needle on a string and have someone hold it over your belly while you lay down...
If it moves in a circle it's a girl.
If it moves side to side, a boy.
(I did this with my second pregnancy, and it did in fact move in a circle indicating it was a girl)

If you prefer sleeping on your left side, it's a boy.
If you prefer the right side, a girl.
(I found this one interesting since with my second pregnancy I all of a sudden always wanted to sleep on my right side, which wasn't typical for me)

What other ones are there that you think are true?

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