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7 Easy Photography Tips

>> Friday, January 7, 2011

Catching life's precious moments can be one of the most fun parts of being a parent! As a mom of two, [and a half!] I always have a subject at hand....though not always willing participants, to hone my photography skills. You don't have to get a degree in photography, and you don't need to run out and purchase the biggest DSLR. A point-and-shoot works just fine, and also has manual settings to utilize for the more advanced. Though if you'd like, you can also check around your local camera shops, community colleges or churches. Many offer free or low cost courses on using those manual settings. But it's not a requisite!

Here are some quick, helpful tips that you can put to use today:
[you can click to enlarge the photos to get a better idea/look]

1. Change your vantage point:
Most of the time we don't even realize that we tend to shoot from our standing position. Don't be afraid to lie down on the ground or squat to get on a child's-view level.

2. It doesn't always have to be centered:
The "rule of thirds" applies here. Centered photos are great too, but change it up every once in awhile to get a new feel for your photos.

3. Change up the Angle:
Whether verticle or diagonal, capturing something with a different angle from horizontal can make something more interesting to look at.

4. Catch the Candid:
Toddlers can be the hardest to wrangle for a posed photo....so beat them at their own game and catch the candid shot!

5. Catch the Guilty:
Even if it's NOT funny at the time...It will be later. Case & Point? My three year old & paint...I knew she was too quiet. My lesson? NO PLACE IS HIGH ENOUGH TO STORE PAINT! She was covered head to toe, and the walls, carpet and bedding:

6. Catch the precious details you're going to miss:
They grow fast. Even when it doesn't feel like it when you're up at 3am with a colicky baby...it goes by SO FAST.
Feet, toes, hands, fingers, noses, smiles, eyes and ears. Copyright to Blessed Life Portraiture.

7. Get in the action!
There is no photo example for this one because I am GUILTY of forgetting this important tip: Join in the Photo!!! Hand that camera to someone else and put yourself in it. I am the photo taker, like many moms, and forget to put myself in the shot. Forget the excuse about not feeling good about how you look. I was told that when you look at the photo 10 years from now you won't think, "Ew" as much as you'll think, "Wow. I wish I still looked like that!" Remember to have fun and include yourself in the pictorial memory.

I hope this helped you some!
*All photos are copyrighted to Blessed Life Portraiture.

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