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Surviving a winter pregnancy

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Many women who've been pregnant say that a summer while largely pregnant is troublesome and difficult at times.  However, winter pregnancies aren't always a piece of cake either.  You have, depending on your location, snow, ice, sleet, and a whole different set of problems.

Not only is winter a bit more dangerous than the summer for pregnant mamas-to-be, it can be much more inconvenient in many ways.

Here are some tips to help you through a winter pregnancy:

- Wear reasonable shoes.  No one wants to walk around in a pair of sneakers their entire pregnancy, because it's just not really all that fashionable.  However, you can be more reasonable in your shoe choices. When your balance and proportion is already off AND you're dealing with slippery, icy ground, there's no reason to ask for a fall by wearing too high of a pair of heels.  Opting for flats or at least purchase non-slip pads that adhere to the bottom of your shoes to stay on your feet.

- Invest in winter extras while pregnant.  Stock up on salt for your home, buy the more expensive de-icing windshield wiper fluid, and don't be hesitant to spend a little bit of time sitting in your car waiting for it to defrost before you go out and manually scrape.  For a few extra dollars, you can make the season a bit easier on yourself.  While this isn't something you may normally do, it is highly beneficial when you are close to your due date.

- Plan on having back up.  If you're planning on having your baby in the hospital, make sure you have a few back up options.  In case of a large storm, if possible, enlist the help of a friend with a large truck or all terrain vehicle.  The last thing you want to do is get stranded somewhere on the way to the hospital.  If you have an older child at home, be sure to call your babysitter or family member as soon as you think your laboring begins.  Even if you have a false alarm or two, it is better to be prepared then to find yourself in a situation where you are braving the elements with your older child or children because their care couldn't get to you in time.

- Stock your freezer.  Whether you can't get out before or after the baby is born due to inclement weather, keeping some freezer meals on hand is really helpful in feeding your family and yourself.  If you feel particularly inclined, there are plenty of recipes on Pinterest and around the internet for freezer meals.  If you just need to grab something quick to have as a back up, your local grocery store will likely have family size freezer meals available for purchase.

What are some ways you get through a winter pregnancy or delivery?

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