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Stand by holiday gifts

>> Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It seems like every holiday season, there is ALWAYS someone who buys you a gift that you hadn't thought to reciprocate.  As a new parent, this is somewhat more difficult, because it isn't always easy just to run out and pick something up, wrap it, and have a nice card prepared.  Here are a few good standby options of gifts to keep just in case:

1.  Soaps.  Everyone uses soap, right?  This is an easy, although somewhat tried method.

2. Movie passes or gift cards.  Having a night out is a fun time for most everyone I know, and getting to do it on someone else's dime makes it even more enjoyable.  I'd certainly not turn down a free movie night out!

3. A movie rental voucher and some popcorn/snacks in a small basket.  Same idea as above, just at home!  Pajamas not included.  :)

4.  A grocery store or gas card.  Because, after the holiday season, everyone could use some free groceries.

These are some great go-to options for a quick card or gift to give to someone you may have omitted from your holiday gift list.  Best thing about ALL of these gifts?  If you don't need to use one or all of them as a back up gift, they are all really functional things that YOU can use, so they won't go to waste!

What are your standby gifts for the holiday season?

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