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What I Wish I Had Known #2

>> Thursday, December 1, 2011

I posted a few weeks ago about the number 1 thing I wish I'd known about pregnancy/birth. From here on out, there isn't much of a particular order, just things I wish I'd known in general.

The second thing I think of is wishing I'd known (sooner) that going to midwives was a viable option. The ob/gyn office I was going to was...less than stellar. They didn't explain much to me, and they didn't spend a whole lot of time with me. I even found out later that there was a pretty important issue with my pregnancies that they never even talked to me about.

I felt like pregnancy and childbirth was a HUGE important thing, and I should feel happy and comfortable with the person/people that would be helping me in the process, and I just didn't feel that way at the place I was going.

Luckily I talked to someone who talked to me about midwives. Turns out midwives can and do deliver at hospitals, they do all the same tests that are done with an ob/gyn, you can get an epidural, and midwives generally have an ob/gyn that they work with so if complications do arise they are there to help.

I know that midwives aren't for everyone. But I have to say, I was very happy with the change. I made the switch several months into my pregnancy. They took the time to talk to me, were all very friendly, and I didn't feel like I was being rushed through my appointments. The births were also a lot different than I've heard from other people in that the midwife was at the hospital the whole time I was in labor, checking on me regularly, and she was even there the whole time I was pushing.

So if you aren't happy where you are, know that you can switch, that you deserve to be happy with where you are going, and that midwives could be a possible option.

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Trish December 1, 2011 at 7:42 PM  

I had a midwife for my first baby and loved her. For my second pregnancy I was having twins and had to go to an ob. Luckily my midwife was in the same office and she ended up assisting the doctor when I delivered.

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