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Fun Pregnancy Tools

>> Friday, December 10, 2010

There's a Site for That:

Pregnology: The tool I use most is the "Far Along" it tells me to the day how far along in my pregnancy I am and then you can click on the photo next to that week, read about it and connect with other moms on the same week as you!

Baby Name Genie: This site is fun! If you have a middle name but no first name in mind or vice versa,  there's a generator that spits out random names. There's also a Poll section. That's my favorite. You can list your name combinations and other people vote on it and leave opinions/suggestions. I got lots of fun help there.

Baby Name Wizard: Very fascinating site. I love the Name Mapper. You can enter a name and then see where it ranks by state. Some names are VERY popular in some states and then not at all in others! 

China Gold Gender Predictor: This one is for pure amusement. For me it was actually correct at gender predicting all three babies! 

Project Nursery: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. I used it to come up with my nursery idea board! It's addictive. There are some great money saving ideas and most people list where they got stuff and how much. Major inspiration here! 

There's an App for That: 

*Pregnancy 411 & Baby 411 by TheBump.com:  I used to use thebump.com forum to connect with other moms, but I find that I much prefer to use the app from iTunes! You can ask questions and interact with other pregnant moms. On the baby 411 app, you can interact after you give birth. I spend lots of time on these apps. LOVE it!

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